I retained Mr. Barone's services after being charged with the physical abuse of my son. He was interested in what I had to say, listened carefully, and formulated an attack against these false charges. It was frightening to be arrested for the first time in my life, to be booked into the jail and having to post bail, and then go into court and face the uncertainty of the legal process I knew nothing about. Mr. Barone was with me the entire way and made it a relatively painless experience. He fought aggressively for me and prevailed at a jury trial on my behalf, obtaining a not guilty verdict on all charges. I highly recommend Leo Barone.


I was charged with sex offenses after an ex-girlfriend discovered I was dating someone new. I was facing prison and registering as a sex offender for the rest of my life for these false charges. I immediately lost my gun rights and the ability to continue hunting with my children. Leo Barone came highly recommended by several friends. I knew he was the right person for the job when I first met him. He aggressively attacked the charges and was able to get them dismissed and he got all my gun rights restored.


I was wrongfully charged with attempted homicide after someone tried to stab me. I was looking at 7 to life at a minimum. Leo believed in me, listened to me, and devised a trial strategy that would give me the best chance of success. I was scared but Leo's confidence helped ease my fears. After just 30 minutes the jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict on all counts. I highly recommend Leo for anyone charged with a crime.


I was charged with several sex crimes by my girlfriends teenage daughter. Leo Barone was recommended by friends and I'm glad he was. He was able to show the girl was lying because she didn't want me dating her mother. She had also made similar allegations against a prior boyfriend of her mother in the past which had never been reported. Leo presented all of this information to the prosecutor and all charges were dismissed.


I have known Leo for over 40 years. Leo is a man of honor, integrity and he is a fighter. I have followed his legal career and he has held his own as a professional and has earned some incredible "Not Guilty" verdicts for his clients. There should never be a doubt that Leo is the right attorney when it comes to defending your case.


I have used Mr. Barone several times. Always professional, dedicated, and extremely qualified. I will use Mr. Barone as an attorney any time I need those services, and would recommend him to anyone needing legal help.


I received excellent professional service at the Law office of Mr. Leo Barone, Jr. I highly recommend Mr. Barone. He provides a comfortable atmosphere, he's upfront and down to earth.


I was charged with several felony offenses and had all by guns confiscated by the police. Leo Barone listened to what I said, scrutinized the police actions, and was able to get the felony charges dismissed and my gun rights fully restored.


Great guy.. Doesn't sugar coat it.