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Criminal Defense

Whether you're facing a case related to DUIs, violent crime, drug defense, sex crimes, record cleaning or asset returns, we'll fight on your behalf.


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Protect Your Life and Your Future

Choose a criminal defense team in Red Bluff, CA

Have you been arrested or charged with a crime in Northern California? Are you worried about your personal and financial future? Do you want to maximize the chances that the charges will be dismissed or that you'll be acquitted?

The Law Office of Leo G. Barone, Jr. wants to help.

We specialize in most types of criminal law, and understand the best processes and strategies for defending individuals from serious allegations. With 18 years of experience in law enforcement,18 years as a defense attorney and 5 years as a prosecutor, we have the depth of knowledge to get you the best outcome possible in your criminal case in the Northern California area.

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Starting from your initial phone call to the Law Office of Leo G. Barone, Jr., you'll be guided through every step of the criminal process. We'll set up an appointment with you at no charge, and we'll give you an initial assessment of your situation. We won't beat around the bush or sugar coat anything. We'll discuss compensation and we'll work with you on fees or a payment plan as needed.

It's time to stop worrying and start fighting back.

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We'll help you with your:

• Motor vehicle and DUI defense
Violent and sex crimes defense
Drug-related charges
• Record cleaning and asset recovery

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