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Criminal Defense Attorney in Red Bluff, California

Find a Good Criminal Defense Attorney in Northern California

If you’ve been arrested and are facing a criminal charge, you need to act fast to protect your freedom, your future, and your family.

You need to call the Law Office of Leo G. Barone, Jr. We are based in Red Bluff, California, and we have broad experience in multiple types of criminal law, and we will work tirelessly to ensure your case is resolved with the best possible outcome.

Get a Strong Defense

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Hire a Defense Lawyer in Red Bluff, CA

1. The quicker you defend yourself, the better. Sometimes police and prosecutors delay in filing charges, and this window can benefit you in your criminal defense. Hiring us soon means we’ll begin collecting facts and fighting charges on your behalf.

2. You need help understanding the process. Criminal law is complicated. Having smart and qualified help in your corner can make all the difference between getting convicted and going to jail or getting charges dismissed. We’ll explain to you the best strategy for your case.

3. You’ll alleviate the impact on your family. When you’re arrested or charged with a crime, it affects more people than just you. By getting a defense lawyer on your side immediately, you’ll alleviate stress on your loved ones.

I focus my practice on helping people in the Red Bluff, California area who are facing criminal charges.Facing the criminal justice system can feel overwhelming, which is why having an experienced defense attorney in your corner is in your best interest. Don't face your charges alone. Put me on your side. We will sit down together and put together a strategy that will work toward your best possible outcome. If you are facing criminal charges, call the Law Office of Leo G. Barone, Jr. today to schedule your free consultation.